08 years of experience

In the last 8 years, we have very successfully helped over 5000 applicants in different categories to move to Canada and call Canada their home.

Acme Visa Solutions Ltd was founded in 2007 by Dr. Sandeep Jain. Dr. Jain holds a degree in Medicine and served community for almost 10 years as a physician in India.Being a health care worker he always helped people in healing and curing. When a person visits an unlicensed immigration company without knowing if they can help them legally, they step in with a hope of right and clear piece of information, but they end up in confused state of mind.Looking into the interest of people, emerging market of immigration and the flaws in contains, Dr. Jain brought his idea of being an immigration consultant to practice, with the vision of providing transparent service and correct information at right time. Since then he and his efficient team is helping people to re-locate to Canada and successfully providing services to the clients for meeting their immigration needs.

In 2013, management of Acme decided to enter into the business of recruitment and placements. In the beginning 2014, Acme launched a separate wing of recruitments with the mission to inspire organizations and individuals to work more effectively and competently.Rest assured, every applicant is tendered to with respect, expertise and a great degree of professionalism.We strongly believe in the quality of our work which is why our visa success rate is well above par. We believe in delivering quality and bring a positive impact on thousands lives every year. We are conscious for our global goal.

People who are motivated and want to bring a positive change into their life, Acme is the place for them. We offer career development and specialized expertise for the immigration services. We want you to truly benefit from working with us and we are confident that we will inspire you to achieve your dreams.