Having the refusal for the spousal sponsorship or getting arrested and detained by the immigrations is not a joy ride and heart breaking. If your dream of getting permanent resident card is crashed, then there are 2 ways to appeal the decision made. One is through the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) of the Immigration and Refugee Board, and the other is through the Federal Court of Canada (FCC). The IAD handles appeals for family sponsorships, residency obligations, and removal orders, while the FCC handles a wide range of immigration application refusals.

Appeals made before the IRB


this is appeal is made if the application of PR or Citizenship has been refused to sponsor the immigration of a close family member to Canada by CIC and the sponsor can appeal to the IAD.


If the removal order has been issued for a PR of Canada, a refugee or a foreign national with PR visa, then they may file an appeal to IAD. 


If a person who is PR of Canada, stays outside the country for more than the required period of time and CIC finds that the person has not met the residency obligation, the person, may lose the resident status. In such cases the resident can file an appeal at IAD

If you received a refusal for your spouse sponsorship, common law partner or other family member, you may appeal to the IAD. In IAD you can put a new case with new evidences of you relationship. Any Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds can also be highlighted. Acme’s immigration Counsels will help you to prepare the case from a new beginning and present in a more fruitful way. Our Counsels will go deep through your case and match all the missing bit and prices of information and help you to win the case.

If you have been caught under breaching residency obligations and lost your permanent residence then also you have a right to appeal to IAD. Our team of consultants holds vast experience and in-depth knowledge about factors that are considered by IAD.  Acme legal Counsels can assist you to present all the facts that support your case.

At Acme you will get an expert counseling and advise that is caring and compassionate to your personal circumstances.