Federal Investor Venture Capital Program

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This is a permanent resident program for the international investors who possess the skills and have the ability to settle in the Canadian society.

Following is the eligibility criteria for the IIVCP:

  • A person must have a net worth of CAD 10 Million from a lawful private sector profit making business or investment activity.

  • A person must provide the proof of personal net worth when CIC ask for it. CIC has designated service providers those help in preparing such reports.

  • A person must be willing to make an investment in the amount of CAD 2 million at his risk. If a person is selected under IIVCP, then he has to sign an agreement with CIC for 15 years for the investment of 2 million. It is at risk because there is no guarantee of return of this amount.

  • A person must fulfill the language requirements (CLB 5) and provide the proof of the same.

  • A person must have completed Canadian post secondary degree, diploma or certificate for at least one year or must have an foreign degree equivalent of same. A person must provide a proof in the form of ECA certificat. 

If you think you fulfill the said requirements and want to immigrate to Canada, contact the nearest Acme office or call to schedule a telephonic consultation.