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Candidates who possess the skills and experience targeted by the province may receive Nomination from the province, who will allow them to apply for PR. SINP accepts applications under various categories.

 1. Internatonal Skilled Worker Category

This is the category for the skilled workers who are in Canada and willing to live and work in Saskatchewan. Individuals who have the education, skilled work experience, language ability and other factors to help them to successfully establish and integrate into Saskatchewan’s labour market and communities can be eligible to apply under this category.  This category is further divided into following categories

i.            International Skilled Worker - Employment Offer Sub-Category

Candidates must have a job offer from an eligible employer to qualify under this sub category.

ii.            International Skilled Worker - Occupations In-Demand Sub-Category

Candidates must provide the evidences to demonstrate that they hold experience in occupation in demand to qualify under this category. Job offer is not mandatory under this category

iii.            International Skilled Worker - Saskatchewan Express Entry Sub-Category

This category is for the skilled candidates who are already in the CIC express entry pool may be eligible to apply under SINP

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2. Saskatchewan Experience Category

Candidates who are already in Saskatchewan as TFW and are living and working can be eligible under this category. This category is further divided into different categories depending upon the type and skill of the job. People who are on the work permit and already working from last 6 months can be eligible to apply for the nomination from the province. International trained health professional, Hospitality sectors skilled workers, Long Haul truck drivers and international graduates can be best prospective nominees for SINP. Other eligibility criteria include – work experience, age, education, language ability and availability of the job offer in the form of Job offer. One has to get the targeted scores based on the selected selection factors.

      3. SINP Entrepreneur  

This program is a PR programs that gives the opportunity to the people to acquire, start or establish a business in the province.

Following are the eligibility criteria to qualify for the said program

  • A minimum net worth of CAD 300,000 is required and one must have the proofs of the same.

  • The net worth must be accumulated in a lawful manner and must get verified if required.

  • A minimum 3 years of business management or entrepreneurship experience is required and must have the proofs of the same.

    Following are the requirements to be met in order to get the nomination from the province

  • Minimum CAD $ 300,000 investment is required either in Regina and Saskatoon or a minimum of $200,000 (CAD) in all other Saskatchewan communities.

  • if the business needs the investment of CAD 1 million then a person must have 1/3rd of the business ownership.

  • Business must create 2 employment opportunities for the Canadians.

  • A person must be active in day to day going of business

If a person get nomination from the province then application is lodged to CIC for permanent resident.

Acme helps individuals in submitting the application of interest and also takes care of the application and applicant from the beginning of the case till the person gets the PR.